Monoclonal antibodies are assigned to a particular antigen (target) in the cancer cells and can start the immune response, and destroy cancer cells without affecting normal cells. These therapeutic targets are advancing in all areas of medicine.


Our focus is on the discovery of therapeutic targets for anti metastatic therapies. We conclude successfully production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies in vitro (mAbs_VLS) with new immunotherapeutic potential for control of metastatic cancer of epithelial origin. Our mAbs_VLS recognizes cancer cells and metastatic tissues and inhibits in vitro metastasis. We started the preclinical stage of development of this new biotherapeutic to validate it on animal models.


The Veritas opens the possibility of the country enter the cancer therapy market. Among the four product families that make up the cancer immunotherapeutics market, mAbs antibodies represent the percentage of higher revenue and has continued success in cancer therapy. There are few mAbs (between approved products and / or advanced clinical stages) directed to the treatment of advanced / metastatic stage of the disease. None of these mAbs has as main mechanistic  target the loss of intercellular contacts process by protecting the cleavage of our target protein.